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Our solution

Our system automates the rental process, the access, and all other administration involved in renting out your parking spots to building tenants. It also allows you to rent unoccupied spots to external parties to make additional revenue. 

Car park access system

Cloud based solution

Parking management software

Reservation system
  • Attribution of a specific amount of spots for each user group of the car park

  • Easy access for permanent, monthly renters 

  • Registration and access for company visitors 

  • Registration and access for external users: from hotels, restaurants, event venues, or other companies in the area when there are vacant spots

  • Counting feature  

  • Payment online or by monthly invoice

Secure access
  • Instantly accessible

  • Access limited to users with valid registrations

  • Access permissions expire automatically once reservation period ends

  • Access permissions can be revoked anytime by system admin

  • Choose between several means of access:

    • ​Licence plate readers - LPR /ALPR system
    • Mobile phone

    • Keycards (NFC)

    • Keypad / unique pin codes

Easy administration
  • Set up different pricing options for different user groups

  • Offer online payment (optional) or monthly invoicing

  • Overview of all registrations and users in one dashboard 

  • Full control of accessible permissions

  • Real-time insights into usage of the car park 

  • Generation of invoices for users

  • Monthly accounting made easy

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