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Office buildings &

co-working spaces

Office buildings shared by multiple tenants often face the challenge of having limited parking space for all clients/tenants and no system in place to ensure that the drivers are using the spots allocated to them. Furthermore, the handling of visitor parking is time-consuming for the reception and not user-friendly for the visitors themselves. Finally, the usual methods of handling parking payments and invoices is inefficient.

Reservation system for tenants

The white-labelled reservation system can be customised for your brand. All tenants (businesses) of the building are registered in the same system and there is an allocated amount of spots per tenant. The tenant employees can add their external visitors into the same system, allowing seamless access to both permanent and temporary users of the car park through a user-friendly reservation interface. The reservation platform comes with an optional online payment flow, or you can choose to add payments in your own system to the monthly account of each tenant. This grants you 100% control over who has access to your car park. 

Access through keycards, codes, or licence plate recognition system 

The Mobypark system can be combined with your current access system (e.g. key cards that are used for access to the building)accordingly with the infrastructure of the car park and your preferences. Other means of access (such as unique pin code access, mobile phone or licence plate recognition systems) can also be accommodated by the Mobypark system. All solutions are provided by trusted suppliers and installed through local installation partners. 

Shared parking and extra revenue

The complete package of software and hardware also allows you to open your car park to other buildings in your business district. These external parties might want to use your car park for their own tenants or visitors when you have parking available and their own car park is fully occupied. Depending on the area of your business, you can also open it to any driver through the Mobypark online platform ( and generate extra revenue by renting out unused spots to members of the public. 

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