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For a long time, cities have been trying to deal with increasing traffic, pressure on streets due to the high amount of incoming cars, and the resulting air pollution. These factors significantly decrease the quality of life for citizens. 

Mobypark is part of the smart city solutions that help to optimise the flow of traffic, maximise the use of parking space and stimulate new innovation based on data and analytics. 

Real-time availablity of parking and guidance to free spots.

A major cause of traffic jams in big cities is the lack of free parking spots. In Amsterdam alone, drivers waste 50.000 km every day on the search for a parking spot. Further studies have shown that people spend 20 minutes a day on average on the search for parking. The Mobypark solution helps drivers to see available parking options in real-time and navigate straight to a vacant parking spot. We also provide a platform that allows drivers to reserve in advance, making parking even more stress-free. Mobypark works with both private and public parking providers to increase the offer and visibility of available spots in your city. Municipalities, as one of the main owners of parking garages, can help their citizens through Mobypark to locate free spots right away. 

Optimising parking garages instead
of building new ones.

On average, 50% of all available parking spaces in a city belong to private car parks and are closed for the general public. However, those parking spots are not used a large part of the time, as people are going to work, are on vacation or simply don't own a car. By digitizing the data about inventory and usage of spots, those spots can be rented out to drivers who are looking for parking in the area. Through an online reservation and payment system, drivers can use those parking spots while our system ensures a maximum security to the tenants of the building through the registered user data in our system. 

Using data to improve the quality of life for citizens. 

By gaining insights in car park usage and traffic flows, cities can help their citizens make smarter decisions when it comes to their daily commutes or travels from A to B. By combining all currently segmented mobility information (road traffic information, public transport, parking facilities, car sharing, etc), people can make a choice before starting their journey, optimise their time and minimise stress. Finally and most significantly, cities reduce emissions and become more livable places


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