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Housing corporations

Housing corporations generally have to manage more than 50 parking garages in addition to apartments. The management of parking subscriptions involves extensive administration involving contracts, deposits, dealing with misuse, etc. These garages are expected to be filled at all times. By transferring the administration to an online space and implementing a simple access system, the Mobypark system can reduce manual work and simultaneously allow the optimisation of parking spot usage. 

Reservation system and administration panel

Through the customised reservation system, tenants of the housing corporations can easily reserve a parking spot and manage their monthly subscription through a user-friendly online interfaceContract management is part of the reservation process as well as the automatic monthly billing during the rental period. This eliminates the need for any housing corporation to have extensive, physical administration, as all transactions and contracts are managed through an online system. The administration panel gives insights into the tenants' data and provides access logs, resulting in increased security and proper use of the parking garages. Employees can activate, deactivate, or edit users at any time. 

Easy access through keycards, codes, or license plate recognition system 

Mobypark has developed a smart system that is connected to the entrance of the car park and the reservation platform. Tenants who have a valid parking subscription can enter the car park easily with a unique pin code or with their registered licence plate or mobile phone number. This eliminates the issuing of keycards or remote controls, connected costs, management of deposits and security issues arising from lost keycards. 

Optimisation of empty spots and parking exploitation

Having insights and control over the current use of the parking spaces is the first step. Through the access system and online management of available spots, housing corporations can monetize the unrented spots by renting them out to other drivers. The system ensures at all times that only registered users with valid access permission can enter the garage. Through the administration panel, employees of the housing corporation can manage when, and how many, spots are rented out to external users. Platforms such as can reach an additional segment of users who are interested in the parking locations and thereby generate an additional revenue stream. 

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