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We understand that hotels aim to provide the best service possible to their guests and ensure that everything has been taken care of from the time they book until the day they depart. We have therefore placed a special focus on developing a professional, high-end parking management system for hotels. The system can be used accordingly with the branding guidelines of your hotel and contributes to the overall experience of your guests during their stay. 

Reservation system for hotel guests

The parking reservation system will be accessible for hotel guests to reserve in advance, or for the reception in the instance that guests want to book their parking spot upon arrival. In both cases, the registration and payment of the hotel guest are done in just a few steps and the necessary access information is provided to the guest by email and SMS. The hotel system admin can add employees, delivery services etc. to the system and grant access to the parking.

Convenient access 

The Mobypark system can be combined with your current access system accordingly with the infrastructure of the car park and your preferences. Other means of access (such as unique pin code access, mobile phone or licence plate recognition systems) can also be accommodated by the Mobypark system. All solutions are provided by trusted suppliers and installed through local installation partners. 

Shared parking and extra revenue

Renting out vacant hotel parking spaces can provide a significant additional stream of revenue with very little effort. Through the installation of the hardware and the Mobypark API, the unused spots of your car park can easily be offered through and rented out to drivers that are looking for parking in the area. Today many hotels from the Accor Group, Hilton Hotels, Marriott and others are already using this method to monetize their car park

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