How much could you earn with your hotel parking?

By placing the hotel car park on Mobypark, you can directly benefit from additional customers and income.


An empty parking space loses you €300 per month.

€35,600 per year

If the hotel is located near an airport, the parking space can generate up to €35,600 per year in extra income. These numbers are based on real hotels based in and around the Schiphol area.

€80,700 per year

If the hotel is located in the centre of the city you can generate up to €80,700 per year in extra income with the parking. These numbers are based on real hotels in and around the Amsterdam area.

How others experience Mobypark?

Reservation platform

By renting the hotel car park on Mobypark, you can directly benefit from additional customers and additional income. Customers can easily find your parking on the platform and reserve in advance.


All the necessary access information is provided to the customer by email. You will also receive a confirmation of each booking including the details of the customer and receive a monthly report with an overview of all bookings which have been made. If there are days on which the parking is not available, you can easily adjust this in your Mobypark Dashboard.

Zero effort - implementation 

Mobypark automates the entire parking process to make parking easier for the customer and take away any extra work for the hotel. Means of access can also be accommodated by Mobypark, solutions like unique pin code access, mobile phone or licence plate recognition systems.


All solutions are provided by trusted suppliers and installed through local installation partners. The Mobypark system can be combined with your current access system and tailored to the infrastructure of the car park and your preferences.


Before the parking is automated, you are able to start renting out your spots straight away using your existing system, for ample taking a ticket and validating it at the reception.

Shared parking and extra revenue

Renting out vacant hotel parking spaces provides a significant additional stream of revenue with very little effort. The unused spots of your car park can easily be offered through and rented out to drivers that are looking for parking in the area. Today many hotels from the Accor Group, Hilton Hotels, Marriott and others are already using this method to monetize their car park.

Do you have parking spots available?

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